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zweite Tag in Deutschland February 4, 2008

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Today was intro day at Goethe, the language school I’m attending. I a placement test today…it consisted of an interview and then a written easy on why we choose to study German, when did we arrive and how. If it my essay was in English it would have looked like this:
I had to Germany come yesterday. I had from New York flown. I want to learn German. I will be in March to Tuebingen University be going and that is why i want to learn German. Now, my German is not so good, but I will work hard. I am nervous.

And I sounded equally retarded in my interview. After butchering the language, I sat down with someone to go over the details of my classes and housing. In German the man asked if I spoke German and I replied yes but my English is better. He told me the curriculum is in German. The man proceeded to give me the information I needed in his first language and what may someday be my second. When a look of sheer bewilderment would cross my face he’d switch to English but mostly kept to German. Example of the conversation:

MAN. alkwejruahwerfbasdfj’apoietrawehaf a;skldhf;aweori ;alkjf apweori awerasd;h.

ME. cool.

MAN. al;kjdfoiwurjh ;lakjsdfawoiuer jgas ;;. a;ieur ;asfadf p’aowueruhsd;fka’sdhfiadmf apweoir dhfla d’soitiuwehtlsa.sdfn akjflahdsf;lkupwethndg;a h f;aufa

ME mmmk

MAN a;lsiudaoweiur dbfas;jfkop’siroewuhrfas’dlfk apdfiudhfaskf;kajsdfajsdf’pakdfaisdjfjabdsf;k ;akhjsdf asdf ahf adsfk’asdjf ajdf awoehrb asdfaliuhdflaksdjnfoawiehfalsdfna[oisdfiasdbfoalkkjhdsafiperoihagfoasidufiu ;oakjfdjaopeiurg;adjkfoaiweufrigafgo;audjfs faokdhjf a

ME uh?

MAN (with exagerated hand movments) a;lksdjfoiweuroiawjfa sdf a’sdfaoweihr awpfa’oiusdibawerjasdjflawegroaijwfadfjaosidfj.l;aksjdf ;sdjf ahf adksf asidfhadsfm’apwodfasdbf;alsdjf;ajbdf a;iuerar ‘ousdufhsf oiwuekjsbf;a ;aoisduf asklfm uasdf as;f ;aoisdfh v’poudsf ;ashf asdfj

ME. ummmmmm

MAN Your classes start tomorrow at 8:30am. their will be a big board posted telling you where to go.

ME. oh. cool. Bitte

After that I went and ate lunch. I thought I ordered a baked potato and sauerkraut from the street-vender; turns out I bought a baked potato with sour cream. I found a book store and purchased two small books in German . I hope to be able to read them…they’re classic German fairytales…I think.


5 Responses to “zweite Tag in Deutschland”

  1. joseph Says:

    wow! i thought you’d gone to germany but i wasn’t positive until just now! i didnt realize the german language contains so many semi colons in the vocabulary 😉 well i hope you have the best time and lots o’ luck to ya! its nice to hear from you… i love blogs 😉


  2. Jen Curran Says:

    Hi Abigoliah – you are so brave! Great first blog entry. Good luck in Germany. 🙂

  3. abigoliah Says:

    Thank you guys for reading!

  4. Fraulein Abigoliah!
    Ein bier bitte? Nein… ein WEISSbier???

    I’m so proud of you man. The first week sounds hellish but it will be the best 6 months of your LIFE!

    USA gossip- I am home in NJ, about to meet Sherry & her new man for lunch. That’s all the cool gossip on this end.

    Eidelweiss und Adolf,

  5. Mom Says:


    I love reading your blog. So funny and well written. Keep up the good work.

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