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Warum leibe ich München Deutschland February 12, 2008

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    Stammtisch is a weekly event at the Goethe-Institut where all it’s participants go out and drink beer with one another. The first get-together was on Thursday and I had a great time. It was one of the first times I got to really talk to some of my classmates and meet people from other classes. The atmosphere was friendly and the drinks were flowing, what more could you ask for on weeknight in Deutschland.
At 12:30 my friends decided to call it night and we headed back to our residence laughing, talking, and making too much noise in general. I woke up the next day for my 8am class and realized I had no wallet.
It wasn’t a big deal, it only had my credit card, New York State ID, all school ID’s, and passport in it. Not a big deal, just a FUCKING CATASTROPHE!!! I was supposed to go to Salzburg that weekend or at the very least out drinking. I now had no identification and 10 Euros to my name. I don’t know why the predicament surprised me, I lose everything. I have lost my wallet twice before, my cell phone once, my iPod, and last year around this time I lost both my reading glasses and broke computer by spilling tea on it, and my phone by dropping it in the toilet all in one week. Things I own that hold monetary value have a good chance of being destroyed or lost and the chances increases depending on the importance of the object in question.
With the exception of being in a foreign country this was just par for the course. What was surprising though were people’s reactions. When we went around class that Friday to talk about out weekend plans and I announced I’d be staying in do to my predicament. Othman, from Jordan, asked me if I wanted to barrow some money. Without even questioning when or how I could pay him back he gave me 50 Euros without even blinking. I call that impressive especially when the extent of our conversations have been, “Can I barrow a pen?”, “What did you get for number nine?”, and “Your not saying that right Hhhhaabby.”
Ruth from Brazil took upon herself to go look at the bar we were at the night before to look for it, and when nothing was their she left her name and number incase they found it. I called the bar myself and that’s how I found out Ruth had been their. The barkeep suggested I call transit lost and found because they were really good about finding and returning things. The Fund Buro is only open on Tuesdays so while I waited to see if they had my wallet, my friends took care of me. Jessica loaned me another 50 Euro because like an idiot I spent everything Othman gave me Friday night at a club called “Americanos”. And everyone else kept offering to help, not just so I could eat , but so I could gout with them and have a goodtime.
Today I went to the Fund Buro and there, with my Passport and all my cards, was my orange wallet. If I left it on the subway in New York, I would have never seen it again. Here I just had to pay a 5 Euros fee, which is better than the 100 I would have paid for a new passport.
There are good people in Munich. I think I’m going to like it here.


4 Responses to “Warum leibe ich München Deutschland”

  1. Mom Says:

    Did you remember to take your St Anthony’s Holy card?!? You must have..

  2. abigoliah Says:

    It was in my wallet…that St. Anthony..he never get’s to far.

    PS To all of my five readers and my Mother…I never told my Mom I lost my wallet because I thought she might flip out, think I would never be able to leave Germany, and try to move the whole family here on my account.

    Huggs Mama!! Lots of hugs!!!

  3. Eliza Says:

    dude… that sounds terrifying. I can’t believe how quick people were to donate to the Hopeless Abi fund. Rock!

    Salzburg & Munich all over again?! Maybe this time you can do the Sound of Music tour (noooot).

    I miss you man. I am seriously, SERIOUSLY jealous!

  4. Your Favorite Roommate Says:

    That is amazing. I am almost fully convinced that I will fall in love with Europe and never want to come back – which is really saying something because I LOVE New York. But that story is symbolic of many things. I’m really in awe.

    – *E*

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