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Zornig Denglisch Poem March 17, 2008

Filed under: Tübingen — abigoliah @ 7:38 pm

It sounds gleich vielleicht this language thing ist schwerer couldn’t bear her watching mutilate a language
aber mit every bone she tries as she lies pretending to be something she’s not nach Hochschule, become and academic?
it doesn’t make sense she lacks real knowledge of her home land let alone and anderen land heißt Deutschland this is scheiß.
I’m mad habe angst still “verstehe nicht” sind die nur Worte dass I mumble as my thoughts rumble trying to tumble out in limited German like vermin scraping on walls of my scull sage ich nur “Das gefehlt mir” but think “suck my dick dir”
So it would appear as this fear grows that I may need another year here to develop and ear for this queer Sprache dass I’m sprechen. More like wreckin’ FICKEN!!!
Sie lachen an mir. I don’t blame them. I’d laugh too could I versteht dem.
I’m stuck in my monosyllabic vocab it sucks want to express, confess, outguess, impress, address all the repressed things in mein kopf before long maybe it will be möglich, höffenlich bald endlich dann werde ich fertig mit die lächerlich Landessprache sein
…oder nicht.


4 Responses to “Zornig Denglisch Poem”

  1. Blue Says:

    No comprehende, but beautiful!

  2. Mom Says:

    Well, I didn’t understand your blogs but I suppose your grasping the language… Glad to see your up and blogging again. You know you don’t have to be a show off about it… You can post some in English, so we can understand what the hell you are talking about!! I love you. Keep up the good work!! I think?

  3. Eliza Says:

    so cool!!!!!!!!!!! you should publish this, some bilingual people would LOVE it… you’ll have to translate in person.

    ps- I wrote another song. This one is to the tune of “Barcelona” from Company, and deals with everyone’s favorite liar. I can’t wait to sing it for you when you come back. Aubrey and I are starting a company called VillaCant productions, and we’re going to write musicals to our LIVES.

  4. blue Says:

    You know what, I just read this again, and have a different response:
    No comprehende, but you’re hilarious.

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